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Integra2 optimizes distribution with the SENDA delivery system
Integra2 optimises resources and routes with this tool developed by Alerce, which is integrated with the Alertran TMS software that Integra2 already has installed. By incorporating the SENDA system, the company optimises Barcelona and Madrid’s pick up and delivery activity, the main centres with the highest volume in the network. Furthermore, SENDA makes greater efficiency and the automation of processes easier, as well as fleet occupancy and route optimisation.
In this way, Integra2 incorporates a tool that was designed and developed in order to optimise pick up and distribution, meeting the daily requirements of optimising routes and complying with timetables in accordance with the conditions for delivering the product. Some of the variables used by the SENDA system to optimise the service are; the characteristics of each vehicle, the size of the shipment, the nature of the transport, the pick up and/or delivery conditions at the client, time slots, additional services, incompatibility of goods with regards to the vehicle and/or driver, average speed limits in the area, traffic density and restrictions, weather conditions, start and end of route or loading and unloading areas.  The system calculates the cost of the vehicle’s planned activity at every moment and compares it with the final result in such a way that variations from the shipment plan can be monitored.
Integra2 can also normalise and georeference all pick up and delivery points in order to have the graphical representation of every service point available on screen.  SENDA has been designed for graphics environments and touch screens, it is highly intuitive and has numerous optimisation indicators, such as the occupancy percentage for each vehicle, estimated time for all operations, and a service points log, as well as display of fleet management information in real time.