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Integra2 collaborate with the “Gran Recapte d’Aliments (Great Food Collection)” in Catalonia, under the slogan “Tú lo haces grande (You make it great)”

Food Banks are calling out to citizens in order to get 25,000 volunteers to cover more than 2,500 collection points on the 27th and 28th of November 2015.

From the 1st of October, volunteers can register very easily at the web page

For the seventh year running, the four Food Banks in Catalonia organise the “Gran Recapte d’ Aliments a Cataluña”, in an aim to provide a solution to food emergencies for people most in need.  To make this possible on the 27th and 28th of November, 25,000 volunteers are required for over more than 2,500 collection points that have been made ready in supermarkets and markets in the whole of Catalonia.

The Gran Recapte is an initiative thought up by Food Banks from different European countries such as France, Italy and Portugal.  It was organised for the first time in 2009 and only takes place once per year, during the last week of November.  The four food Banks also manage the summer campaign called “La fam no fa vacances (Hunger doesn’t go on holiday)”.  All collections organised by the Food Banks are accredited by the corporate image, a logo with birds, in order to guarantee fair distribution of the products collected.
What is the Food Bank?
There are four in Catalonia, one for each area.  They are non-profit making organisations, independent from all economic, political or religious ideology, based on volunteering, with the objective of recuperating excess food from businesses and redistributing it without charge to people in need, while avoiding any wastage or bad use of the food, in order to fight against food poverty and contribute to sustainable development for a cleaner world.
What are the main ethics?
To make this utopia a reality, The Food Bank is based on 4 main ethics:
• The primacy of being free and unpaid:  The food is received and distributed free of charge.  Work by collaborators is voluntary and based on the principle of solidarity.
• The security of fair distribution: always via recognised and officially approved charity organisations, which can guarantee that the food aid goes to the right destination.
• The contribution to sustainability and protecting the environment, avoiding food being thrown away.
• The promoting of solidarity with those people in need of food.
What are the basic objectives?
• Fight against food poverty and wastage for a fairer world.
• Participate in the reduction of exclusion, collaborating on the reinforcement of a more habitable world.
• Contribute to the exercising of the right to sufficient and healthy food for all human beings.
• Promote more efficient use of resources.
• Contribute to sustainable development for a cleaner world.
How does the Food Bank work?
• Food that is not for resale, but which is perfectly suitable for consumption, is collected from 500 companies.  A team of 344 volunteers is managed, the real heart of the food Banks, and final delivery of the product to its destination is ensured, guaranteeing fair distribution and respect for the dignity of those receiving it, 252 thousand in the whole country.
• In 2014, 22 million kilos of food were distributed to 700 receiving organisations in the 4 Catalan Provinces who get the food to those who most need it.

What does Integra2 provide?
• Integra2 provides the prior logistics and transport support required in order to link up the different collection points before the “Gran Recapte”.
• Every year, between October and November, those responsible for “Goods in” and “Distribution” operations at Integra2 Barcelona have a planning meeting with the Food Bank’s logistics managers.  In this meeting they plan the pick-up requirements for shops, supermarkets and Shopping Centres.
• We make a preliminary evaluation, and when we receive the real information we organise the pick-up routes and evaluate the means necessary to be able to meet with their requirements.  These range from small vehicles with tail lifts to heavy vehicles or trailers used to move goods between the Bank’s warehouses.
• Just before the beginning of the “Gran Recapte” weekend, a follow up meeting takes place at the final installations.  There, the place for receiving and classifying the boxes and tubs collected on the Friday and Saturday of the “Gran Recogida”.  Integra2 and its team of professionals collaborate by providing their experience with regards to organisation of unloading and vehicle movement between docking bays and warehouses, in an aim to streamline and optimise processes and resources.
• Integra2 selflessly provides these services free of charge.  In addition to the initial pick up, we aim to provide all of the extra means they request from us, in this case at cost price without making any profit, such as for example, contacting packaging suppliers relating to the boxes and tubs as well as distributing them.  We do not only do this in Catalonia, but also in the “Gran Recogida de Alimentos (Great Food collection)” in Andalusia.

• In recent years, personnel from Integra2 Barcelona have provided voluntary help, not only in management and handling, but also in the classification of food on the internal classification lines.
• Becoming a volunteer is as easy as registering at as a volunteer.
This year we would like to organise a classification team of volunteers big enough to participate as a group in the classification.  If you are interested in becoming part of the “Integra2 Classification Team”, send your details to as soon as possible o contact your manager  so that we can inform the Food Bank of the group that will take part.